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The boto, or Amazon river dolphin, resides in the murky waters of the Amazon. During hunting season, riverbanks flood, and botos will voyage into the rainforest. They take this journey to devour fish, primarily catfish. Botos are naturally gray in color as calves but turn pink when scars from battles show. Both the boto’s diet and coloring will be greatly affected by climate change. Mercury pollution is poisoning the boto's main food source, catfish, which ultimately has a negative impact on the boto. In order to adapt to this change, botos will switch to a diet that does not involve consuming bottom feeders. They will start a diet of non-bottom feeders, such as piranhas. Deforestation also affects the boto, by minimalizing hunting grounds, botos will be lead to lakes infested with people. To camouflage, botos will become a tan color. This matches the brown water making them difficult to find.