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The Black caiman is the largest species of the alligator family. Sometimes they can even measure up to six meters long. The black caiman as if right now is the biggest animal in the Amazon Basin. Its armored scales are dark in color, so it uses its skin to camouflage during hunts and to help absorb heat. Black caimans are known to usually have a lifespan of 30 to 40 years. They are mostly found within shallow freshwater habitats like rivers, streams lakes, and wetlands. In the past around 60-100 years back, the black caiman faced strong hunting pressure from poachers as they were wanted for their skin. To avoid hunters, the black caiman soon adapted to hiding in much thicker parts of the Amazon with darker skin. In a hundred years from now, I predict that the black caiman will grow spikes to protect itself from jaguars, and anacondas.