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Ring-tailed Lemurs, a rainforest species, are becoming extinct. Their environments are being disrupted, climate is changing, and lemurs are being over hunted. How will lemurs adapt to these changes? I believe they will adapt in several ways to survive in the changing world. To start, I believe they will change in color to improve camouflaging into their environment. They also may experience changes in their paws, such as webbed feet to assist swimming due to rising waters, stronger claws to help dig and climb, and thicker paw pads for rough surfaces. Lemurs could also experience molting and regrowth over fast periods of time to complement drastic temperature changes, along with tail alterations. Lastly, I believe their overall mass will decrease, and their eyesight will improve to help with the search for food. These are the ways I believe the ring-tailed lemurs will adapt with climate change.