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Parakeets in the present day… Live: Tropical climates Eat: Tropical fruits and seeds Sleep: Hollow tree trunks Temperature: 40-75 degrees They are prey for: raptors, snakes, and cats. Parakeets have a short beak, long tail, short legs, and small eyes. They typically blend into the trees with most feathers being a yellow or green accented by blue and brown feathers. Parakeets in the future … Live : Antarctica and Alaska Eat: Fish and insects Sleep: In snow huts built with snow and ice Temperature: the coldest temperature they can live in is -89.6 degrees The highest temperature they can live in is 34 degrees They are prey to: polar bears and otters. Parakeets in the future camouflage themselves in the snow with many of their very thick feathers being white with a few black ones. They would have massive wings, short legs, very long beaks, and large eyes.