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Hello Judges! Please use this link: https://www.tinkercad.com/things/1cngfrZqVxL-rover/edit (My model is color coded and loses its colors as a OBJ file), Another note, is that if you select the body and hit "h" the body will become transparent to show some other features! My rover design has the ability to fold in its solar panels while digging, so they don't get dirty and lose their purpose. There is also a small collecting tube near bottom corner of the drill to collect samples. The wheels are omni-wheels tilted outwards to prevent it from getting stuck and to be able to rotate without moving forward! The drill has the ability to tilt so you can easily dig up and down. When digging the wheels can rotate separately in all directions to have a steady grip on the walls of your newly dug cave, The last ability is a camera to take pictures!