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With many constraints, designing my digger, Secret, wasn’t easy. First, it needs to dig into lunar regolith, which is viscous, solid, and effortlessly disturbed. Therefore, I made a tenacious titanium scooper arm that can scoop dirt way below the surface of the moon. Also, if you wanted to drag minuscule dirt across some land, I made a tantalum slider to slide the regolith to the spot you want. Secondly, I needed to find how much will Secret transport each trip. Considering the size, (3.5 x 2 x 2 feet) I discovered that it could carry 10 lbs without getting stuck to the ground. Finally, I had to deal with the dust. Because it’s sticky, I put a coating on Secret, to protect the dust from clogging up parts. Secret will be human-controlled, so we can communicate with astronauts on the moon. It will have cameras to monitor everything.