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Journey-Tron 727 is an inspiration from the Apollo mission. Its exterior has a front, side & back camera. They are high quality. On the body it says "Journeys NEVER End" The metal on the outside is thick and hard. Yet, it can adapt to both hot and cold weather. The way the J-T moves is on tracks. These tracks are extra bold with flexible rubber. To store lunar particles, Journey-Tron sucks it with a vacuum. If the vacuum malfunctions, a treadmill-like billing counter with lines on it will save it. Inside this rover, the lunar dust will fall into a jar into the back. Why wait until J-T 727 comes back to earth to collect the dust? This jar will have a parachute on it, but to levitate it, a stuck-on machine that generates fire will fly the jar. The jar is controlled on a control pad.