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The lunabot features two expandable, remote controlled, solar powered, containers to seal and transport regolith. The front part of lunabot has collapsible shovel with suction/ vacuum that sucks the regolith which is further stored in container. Collapsible excavator at back can be used to break down hard surfaces. In case the digging is needed, expandable telescopic auger located at the top of lunabot can be used. Side body of the bot is expandable solar panels. Detachable drivable drone car pod can be used for scavenging and emergency transportation. All rotary parts, suspension will be nanocoated and have electrostatic dust removal. Lunabot will carry medium loads of regolith, this will be possible with two automated containers. While one is collecting regolith from shovel other can transport regolith to destination. Digger stays excavation site and containers do frequent trips to Artemis base. Panoramic and navigation camera system can be used on lunabot.