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Vanny is a 3.4”x 2”x 2” lead robot designed for transporting lunar soil. It has two compound eyes with many cameras that help search and stay safe. It uses tracks to climb and cross the rough terrain (e.g., craters). Vanny contains a group of collaborative insect-bots called Tiny, who search and gather soil with sensors, drills, and buckets into a container. When the containers are full, insect-bots return to Vanny for automatic “carwash”. Vanny stores full containers in a big trunk on the top. After cleaning, insect-bots receive a new empty container from Vanny and start collecting soil again. When the trunk is full, all the insect-bots return to Vanny and be secured on the back rack. Then Vanny is ready to deliver the soil to the base. Through teamwork, Vanny can get a large load of lunar soil quickly in different locations with help of insect-bots.