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My amazing space explorer has: Retractable Wings that help fly ( in case of emergency), Four ( on each side) Tires to move, It is solar powered, It can convert heat to melt ice and to water so ASE can wash its tires It has a brush and scrapers that cleans the tires, Chompers ( to chomp dirt so it will be easier to pick up), Wheelbarrow to collect regolith and go back and forth multiple times to its “Home base”, Camera and obstacle sensors ( to make sure ASE is doing the right thing) Vacuum cleaner(to clean up the tires), Scooper( to scoop regolith), Lasso to grab things, Duster (to dust it self ), Alarm( it will beep when ASE needs a bath every 3 hours to clean of moon dust), Amazing space explorer is a next generation rover that should be sent to space.