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ART 0915 (Artemis Regolith Transporter 0915) Robot’s size is 3.5 X 2 X 2 feet. It weighs 75 lbs. to support lunar gravity, otherwise it will slip and slide. There are 200 mini scoops on the 2 feet high rotating belt. Little holes in the belt will collect lunar regolith from the scoops and dump it in a container under the belt. It will travel to the Artemis base using its GPS. The mechanical arms will lift its container and dump the regolith into the Artemis base’s holding container. Robot’s container can carry up-to 30 lbs. of lunar regolith per trip. Each round-trip is 30 minutes long. It works for 12 hours completing 24 roundtrips daily. It powers down and uses 4 solar panels to charge itself for 12 hours. After dumping the regolith into Artemis’ holding container, the mechanical arms shake the excess regolith off its rotating belt.