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Terebro is primarily autonomous with a pre-set route to follow, but using 3D landscape mapping tech built into the camera, it can calculate more convenient routes to be approved by a team on Earth. Terebro has an MMRTG, solar panels equipped with extendable brushes, and backup lithium ion batteries. The machine is low to the ground to allow for better balance and speed. Its wheels use the same design as those on perseverance made from aluminum, and the wheels have retractable spikes for better traction. Terebro has thermal insulation for a steady temperature, and a titanium shell to act against dust. Dust is also dealt with by brushes and insulative pads over key parts of the rover. There is a large extendable scoop on the front that lifts regolith into an external carrier accompanied by 2 spiked wheels on either side to turn up the regolith.