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Eureka!! I know just what to do for this challenge. A 3-D A-framed triangle with 8 small magnetic scoopers to carry the lunar regolith. At the bottom of all the sides of the A-frame before digging, a point goes down into the regolith on all sides to stabilize the frame and ground the static energy. Magnetic scoopers move in a circular motion to fill up. When done, the bot then picks up the points from the ground and heads to where the regolith is stored. Once at the designated area, the same circular motion is made to release the regolith by changing the magnetic field from positive to negative. By using magnets on the scoopers and A-frame, the least amount of lunar dust is stirred up and the bot only collects what sticks. Me and my bot might be little, but we have a BIG idea! By Future Engineer