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This is A-3. The 3-inch plexiglass sphere is the outer shell for the micro-power charged vacuum that sucks up the regolith. Then the regolith goes through the robotic arm. After the robotic arm, regolith is separated into two equal parts. One part goes down a tube into storage, then the other half is put down a tube. At this point the oxygen starts up and then the regolith goes through fire. Then the regolith is put back into storage to be put in the designated location. A-3 is powered by a super charged power chip that lasts for 8 months. A-3 moves by his 5-tread wheels, two in the front, 3 in the back. A-3 takes big loads on small trips. A-3 is powered by a human on earth, but his power chip can be given a signal to move on his own. Lastly, he is made of stainless steel.