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This is my robot Ghost eye. He is 3.5 x 2ft x 2ft. He has tank treads, and they are heat resistant. He also has frictionless, heatless snowmobile Sleighs. He uses a grabber, and he opens the hatch and throws it in the dome. It is made of tungsten. It is 500,000 psi and is only 19.25(fun fact: tungsten is twice as dense as lead). It uses solar power as the main power. Then if it is night, it uses a nuclear generator as a backup power source. I have a mini robot on his head, and it makes the soil softer to pick up. On the top of the mini robot on top of his head is a broom and when it senses it moving slow because of dust buildup, he stops the robot and he cleans the digger with the broom.