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The name of my robot is Moon Masher 2.0! The vacuum sucks up the regolith and the compartment crushes the regolith so it won’t be sharp. It has a sweeper to sweep all the dust off. It has a long arm so it can sweep every part of the robot. The robot dumps out the regolith with a shovel-like scoop. The scoop lowers down slowly so the dust won’t spill. An astronaut controls it and is located in the lander. There’s an antenna so the controller is connected to the Moon Masher. It is 3.5ft wide and 2ft tall. My robot is made of metal. It has solar panels so it’s solar powered. Inside the robot, there’s a button called the ‘Extreme Button’. If you press it, the robot goes extremely fast. Its tank treads are very strong. It’s stable and has a good grip on the moon’s surface.