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My robot’s name is Lunar 3000. Lunar 3000 is 3ft tall, 2ft wide. Lunar 3000 moves with its legs but under it has feet that have magnets that stick into the moon so they won’t float off. They dig with their hand scoops to get the regolith, then, Lunar 3000 has a bucket attached on the back to put the regolith and it gets dumped from a scoop that’s attached to the bucket, and it gets dumped out. On Lunar 3000’s back, there is a button to power it on and off. In the front of Lunar 3000’s torso, they have buttons. One of the buttons have the ability to clean themselves if they have moon dust on them, they can push the button, and the arm transforms into a broom, and they would clean themselves. All of these buttons are controlled by people on Earth.