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The name of my robot is Fred. He is 3.5ft x 2ft x 2ft long. It is made of antistatic steel, so the dust doesn’t come to it. It has a total of three cameras so the person controlling it from earth can see where it is going. It has two scoops in total, which are used to scoop up the dirt. The scoops are magnetic. There is one magnet over each scoop to get the regolith and the dust separated. The magnet will push away the dust so it doesn’t go with the regolith. The wheels are antistatic. The scoops will dig into the ground and get the regolith. The scoop will come up then the regolith will go into the storage room. When the storage room gets filled it will send a notification to the computer controlling it. It can go up to 15 miles per hour.