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The Inspiration Lunar Rover Concept is 3.5ft by 2.0ft by 2.0ft, with 6 wheels and a solar panel. The design combats dust with a negatively charged metal plating and airtight Motor Engagement Units (MEUs). It handles temperature flux by utilizing additively manufactured parts and milled metal. It has an Archimedes style drill, which can be repurposed to deposit regolith into the container. It uses Nitinol mesh tires that compress into the regolith to provide traction, and fold into the body of the rover. It has a wide wheelbase and weight at the bottom to reduce rollover chance. The MEUs and milling construction provide dust protection. The power system consists of a foldable solar panel and a pack of batteries. The rover will be semi-autonomous, capable of scanning and driving by itself, requiring remote control drivers in most scenarios. In later missions drivers from Lunar Gateway would become possible.