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My robot has two scoops to pick up lunar regolith. My robot has two different versions. Scooping mode and dumping mode.It also has a flat shovel to help gather the regolith so the scooper will be easier. The base is a rectangle, and in the middle is where it stores the regolith. It has a ramp to help when dumping. My robot moves on treads. My robot has a head and the eyes have a camera/vision. The robot has solar panels on top of the head and on the base. The robot’s speed is slow. When my robot is returning the lunar regolith, the storage will open and the flat shovel extends. The max scoops my robot can take is 12 scoops. If some of the regolith sticks in the storage, the scoops will scooch the regolith on to the ramp and out.