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In order for the ArmStrong to work, it has a Mars Rover-like chassis and wheel system, a segmented boom, and back-up caterpillar tracks. If the wheels fail they will jettison. On the end of the segmented boom, the ArmStrong will have a clamshell bucket, and the boom will swing around to the side. This will further mitigate the problem of lunar dust during dumping. This design includes 4.5cu.ft. of container space, and the ArmStrong has found middle ground between the number of trips and capacity. The problem of lunar dust is an interesting challenge. In addition to the clamshell bucket and the side loading, the ArmStrong has flanges around the container edges. Two of the flanges fold inwards to the midpoint of the rover to prevent loss of regolith cargo during transport. On all vital parts there will be an Electrostatic Dissipative Coating (ESD), which will also prevent abrasion.