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Introducing Rego, a multifunctional rover equipped with state of the art hardware and software to undertake the challenges of lunar regolith prospecting, mining, and logistics. Rego boasts an unrivaled origami-inspired foldable design enabling autonomous deployment in remote regions. Rego is so lightweight, it can be easily hand carried by astronauts. It’s hybrid power system ensures peace of mind during extended mining sessions. Dust? Solar flares? Communication outages? Random problems? Rego is designed with both durability and redundancy in mind. Equipped with both passive and active dust mitigation solutions, Rego busts dust with ease. The refined dual engine design and AWD drivetrain ensures maximum mobility to endure rough terrain so regolith is on-time no matter what. With simple modifications, Rego can even operate on Mars. But hey, there’s more. Rego offers advanced image recognition, machine learning, and can even take selfies in 8K resolution. Rego is ready to rule the regolith.