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CDSI 3 means Collects, Digs, Scoops and Isolates regolith into 3 chambers. The CDSI 3 robot is 3 feet x 2 feet x 2 feet, has a metal frame, metal alloy rolling wheels and it has an electrostatic coating to collect moon dust. The robot has a camera recording its environment and gets its battery energy from a solar panel. There are two retractable arms with a gripper claw to dig and a scooper to collect. The hatch in the front opens based on the weight of the scooper. Then the material would be isolated into three chambers. Chamber 1 for rocket fuel, chamber 2 harvest water and chamber 3 for soil. CDSI3 will be able to carry a big load of regolith per trip and there is an Artemis moon base sensor in the back that will release a tray with three sealed chambers.