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While driving, the ram collects regolith. After the ram has collected enough regolith, this scooper pushes the regolith up and onto the treadmill. The regolith is then loaded onto tread, and the treadmill carries it into the storage area. This is where regolith is stored for the trip. It is around a medium size, so it can carry quite a big amount of regolith while enabling it to move quickly. An electron beam is used to clean off regolith. Since regolith has electric properties, the double-electrons repel each other. This pole can pop-up the electron beam, making it easier to store. Using powerful 'arms' on the wheels allow the Luna Xplora to extend its wheels and move over obstacles. And you can drill through regolith chunks with drills. Using walls around vents doesn't let regolith get through vents to mess up the technology. Recharges with solar panels when not active.