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The Lunar Automatic Regolith Collector (LARC) has a radioisotope power source. The back half is a dump truck, able to hold 6,480 cubic inches. Four sturdy wheels are equipped to handle uneven terrain. The cover of the container unfolds to become a conveyor belt system that scoops up regolith. The belt has multiple collapsing scoops that have little pistons to control when they collapse. The collection process goes like this: The triangular cover hinges outward to touch the ground without moving the tailgate. The rover starts the conveyor system, and slowly backs up. As the flattened scoops reach the bend near the ground, they slowly unhinge to trap dirt. Once they reach the top, they dump the regolith, flatten, and go around again. Once the container is full, and LARC is in position, the tailgate/conveyor belt unfolds, and the container is dumped by means of four pistons below.