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If the Ingenuity drone could fly on Mars, my DRover can fly on the moon. It is called DRover because it's a drone and a rover. The propellers will help it find a smooth landing spot and go over obstacles. 3 wheels on each side will allow it a good grip on the ground. It will be controlled by an astronaut from the base with 2 cameras to see its surroundings. It has a sensor to detect the distance between itself and an obstacle. The vacuum will collect the regolith when it lands. It has 2 solar powered rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. The electromagnetic container will keep the 13% iron-based regolith inside securely. To unload the regolith the robot would turn off the electromagnetic power and reverse the vacuum. The DRover will make round trips from the collection site to base quickly and collect more regolith in minimal time.