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MD2024 is built out of carbon fiber & 100% coated in copper (except for the tires). Copper has a positive charge so it can repel the lunar dust which also has a positive charge. MD2024 will dig regolith with a shovel, a drill, & a claw. MD 2024 also has 2 containers for holding regolith. One is for holding special samples while the other is for holding regular samples. MD 2024 also has a sensor with a copper rim for identifying the type of rock sample. MD2024 has a 2 person cockpit with an odd window entrance. The vehicle is all wheel drive, 4 with solid (not hollow) rubber tires. 10 batteries store solar energy for the solar powered MD2024. It moves by either being driven or remotely controlled. The antennas provide the signal for the remote control. The wheel hubs are made out of copper.