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My rover is called Digs 301. It has two drills, two claws, solar panels, a car to transport regolith and do repairs on Digs 301, and as a drone. The drills have vacuums built into it with sensors on the vacuums to tell if rocks get stuck in the vacuum.The vacuums suck up the moon regolith and puts it in a tank in Digs 301. The claws are used for scooping up the regolith with a vacuum built in the claw that leads to a storage compartment where the tanks are stored. The car can attaches to one of the tanks where the regolith is stored on the back.It also has claws to get rocks out of the vacuums when they get clog. The car as camera that spin 360° and looks up and down. The drone can attach to another tank to transport. It has a tracker and sensors.