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The rover is made of aluminum alloy AA6061 because it is strong, lightweight, resistant to corrosion, and has a melting point of 650℃. It will also have a plasma electrolytic oxidation(PEO) coating. The rover will have 2 arms- a drill to dig and a scooper to collect regolith. Once the scooper collects regolith, the compartment will open, and the scooper will dump the regolith in. The rover has collection boxes to hold soil from 4 levels. It is programmed to dig for a certain period of time, go back to base, and go to a new location. The rover will be powered by solar panels and batteries. The satellite will help track the rover’s position. There is a camera to take pictures and a moon duster to remove regolith. The moon duster will be programmed to clean the rover every 10 minutes. The wheels have treads for steady movement.