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My Robotic centipede is hopefully to be of use to the Luna-Botics moon dust project. This is a 3x3x2 Servo motor supported, Kevlar robot. It has extendable Alloy wheels, and has a vacuum (x3) to suck the dust up, and a storage compartment made of metal, to of course, store the dust in. To keep this dust away, this has ¨Computer fans¨, therefore blowing the dust. To aid this ¨computer fan¨ there are built in mist sprayers, slowly watering down the dust. But how can one ¨control¨ this robot? Where the eyes are placed, there are cameras, so scientists can see where the robot is placed, and LED lights to light the way. With the centipede like structure, this robot can be as flexible as a 7 year old gymnast and bend it´s way through almost any object on the moon. Craters wont be able to stop this robot!