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The Tactical Objective Artemis Solar Transporter Youth module holds more than a pound of regrowth to be transported to the Artemis Moon Base. Toasty is powered by two 36-volt silver-zinc potassium hydroxide non-rechargeable batteries (similar to the ones in the Lunar Roving Vehicle), with backup solar panels attached to its top. The robot is equipped with wheels built almost like conveyor belts that help Toasty get around the Moon's terrain. These wheels will have dust guards for extra protection. Toasty has tentacle-like appendages of thick metal plates that shift giving the limbs more flexibility. The limbs have sharp, shovel-like grabbers at the end that Toasty can use to plunge into the ground and retrieve soil. The limbs are hollow tubes, which immediately suck up the soil into the many containment areas inside of Toasty. Once finished collecting, scales in the bot will tell it when to head to the base.