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Lunar Adventure is a 2 x 3 ft, 1 x 2 ft robot that is powered by the sun. As support, there are spikes on the tire of the robot which grip onto the surface of the moon. In order to charge the robot, it is able to move with double AA batteries which are charged by the sun. To store regolith(Lunar Soil), there is a 5-gallon regolith capsule. The material that will mainly be used for the robot is aluminum because it is a strong material that can stand the freezing temperatures at night, and blazing hot temperatures during the daytime. To gather regolith, there is a scooper/claw to scoop up regolith and put it in the capsule. This robot will be controlled by a small controller that can send signals within 80 miles of the robot. (2 x 1 inch)