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“Dumpling” is a solar-powered remote-controlled robot designed to carry regolith over relatively long distances. They can carry a medium-sized load at a medium speed. Dumpling should be covered almost entirely in a thin, matte, lightly colored material, only excluding the cone-shaped grips on the tank-track wheels, to avoid parts being damaged, covered by regolith, and overheating. The tank track wheels are nearly the size of the bot to avoid tipping and have staggered cone-shaped grips (not hooked to avoid caking of regolith) to ensure movement. To keep the cones clean, there are compressed air machines on either side. The shovel works by staying latched to the front top of the bot, then lowering to the surface, Dumpling moves forwards, collecting a shovel full of regolith, then returning to the previous latched position to contain the regolith within the body, and returning to base to be unloaded and sent back out.