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Artecuum, short for “Artemis Vacuum”, is a lunar robot that uses advanced vacuum technology to store lunar regolith safely without causing damage to itself. The mag-lev technology in the vacuum ensures that regolith does not scratch the inside of the robot. The vacuum can suction the complete amount of regolith in an area, unlike a scoop, which cannot pick up everything, and the robot will move a moderate amount of dust with each trip. When Artemis programs begin oxygenating the atmosphere, the vacuum can work even more efficiently. The tracks can easily maneuver the surface with their interior wheels. The robot is covered in anti-static material, including a shield on the vacuum. This protects the regolith from attaching to the robot and transferring to other surfaces. This can also be used to vacuum astronauts’ suits covered in regolith, by decreasing static and pulling in the dust.