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Botster is a light-weight, compact multi-purpose robot compatible with the moon's varying climate. Because the moon’s surface contains tiny grains of sediment, like dust, Botster is equipped with brooms on either side. These brooms push small particles of sediment together so that the moon's surface isn’t deeply dug into. Botster is equipped with foldable shovels that collect the sediment, transferring it inside its carrying box. These shovels fold in on themselves so that they are less bulky. Botster is attached to a netted box that holds the sediment. This netting has tiny holes so that sediment doesn’t escape. This box is more lightweight than other options. Botster has satellites on the sides and front that capture the sun's energy and power the brooms, shovels, and wheels. Finally, Botster is equipped with 3 wheels with grooves that make the wheels easier to move on the dusty surface of the moon.