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Cosmo is a 3x2.5x2.5 robot that has a vacuum to suck up lunar regolith, all you need to do is flip a switch so Cosmo spits out the regolith. Then Cosmo has solar panels to charge its battery. Cosmo also has a 360 camera so you can see all around. Then Cosmo has Treads so it doesn't lose traction, float, or keep spinning its wheels and loses power. Also, Cosmo has a beam of electrons to get rid of lunar dust. Lastly, Cosmo has rubber wheels so lunar dust doesn't stick to them. Then the controller has a built-in screen so you can watch Cosmo through its cameras. The controller has an on/off switch for power, and to turn the vacuum on when you want to start collecting regolith. Then the controller has the basic switches for direction, also the direction you want the vacuum to turn.