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This is the Starstruck Rover 1. It has many features that will help this wonderful new robot survive on the moon. To start off, the Starstruck Rover 1 runs on a solar battery. As you can see, on the back, it has a solar panel that covers the full-back. “What if the solar panels aren’t working properly?” You might have this question, but, luckily this robot also has a battery, and when not in use the Starstruck Rover 1 goes into sleep mode. To cover the robot from radiation from the sun, we used a solar apron. On the top, you might be questioning what the two ducks are for. Well, they're actually rotating cameras that record what the Starstruck Rover 1 sees and does, even in sleep mode. Those were just a few features my wonderful Starstruck Rover 1 has to do on its mission on the moon.