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The UniWheelExplorer is a lunar rover designed to enlarge human knowledge of the moon. The dimensions of this rover are around 3.07 feet x 3.07 feet x 1.64 feet. It was designed in 3D modeling software, Blender. The UniWheelExplorer is powered by a single circular solar panel near the wheel. The wheel is made from graphene to withstand incredible force while being affordable and easy to access. Inside the 3-inch thick graphene layer is liquid helium to stabilize the rover and keep its momentum going. In the unlikely event of falling over, the rover has two robotic arms extend from its toolbox to lift the rover upright. The robotic arms were inspired by the beams that some fire trucks have to keep them stable while the ladder is extended. The power source for the rover is one circular solar panel offset from the wheel to keep it from getting scratched.