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My robot is called Mega Digger. Mega Digger has a solar panel to collect extra power on the bright side of the moon and a nuclear power tank when working on the dark side. Mega Digger also has a camera on the front and the back. The front camera is extendable. Mega Digger has one arm that can switch into four different heads. Mega Digger has two blowers and one is extendable. The rock and dust sucked inside Mega Digger will go to a tube which transfers the moon soil into the second compartment. The second compartment divides the dust in half, half will be used for experiments while the other will be taken back to the base as building materials. My Mega Digger has a specialized arm for digging on the moon's surface. Mega Digger can dig one time every four second. His moving speed limit is 3 mph.