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The Lunabotic 9000, aka Tiromi, is a highly programmed dirt bot. Or, in other words, the 'lunar soil sucking robo.' I think it's important as a community of humans to advance and make bigger and better things than we have. One of which is advancing more on the Moon. This cool bot rolls on the Moon's rough terrain using tank-like tires. Tiromi is a highly programmable dirt bot. Although it's only 3.5 feet x 2 feet x 2 feet, it collects lunar soil or Moon dirt as some may say. It uses a very strong shovel and puts the soil into the compactor on their chest. They’re powered by the soil and the more they collect the more it's used. They also have a jetpack just in case they need to get somewhere fast. Another neat little thing, is that it has a heat pack that heats its gears.