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Meet N.A.P.S. (Nasa Activated Project for Space)! This is the future of space technology. It has a satellite which includes many features such as GPS. It can send photos to the mother ship and the control room on Earth. The robot includes 5 compartments and 2 of them include handles for easy opening. 1 stores the programing, and another one is for storing astronaut's stuff and extra things. There is also 1 for test tubes and a parachute. The final one has a switch for the heated air vents that keeps N.A.P.S. from getting dusty. N.A.P.S. feet/wheels are expandable for tall craters. On the bottom, there are adhesive pads to keep N.A.P.S. from floating. This robot has a set of rocket boosters to make it fast. It also has a speaker where commands come out. The arms can scoop like spoon and arms can expand for easy reach.