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The Dust-inator has a digging mechanism that has 3 cylinders with pointed bottoms that retract down and open up to let lunar dust inside for use. Each cylinder can hold 16 oz worth of lunar soil. The Dust-inator Has wheels with traction so it does not slide off And the plus it has waiting Wheels So it Doesn't float away. It protects itself from dust with a sort of plastic wrap material which can be peeled off in and out of uses. The Dust-inator has a 360 camera which allows astronauts to see what is happening and learn something new. The Dust innator Also has a 6 by 10 inch remote control with a screen to see the footage. It also has controllers so Astronauts can manually control the Rover. A round trip for the dust-inator will be 25 minutes, 10 minutes there And back with 5 minutes digging.