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The Slab is a Hexapod Made of Tantalum made to dig up lunar regolith. The speed of The Slab is 3-5 mph, and it’s made of Tantalum, because Tantalum is hard and the burning point of it is 3000 celsius. This acts as a layer of defense for The Slab, helping it fight against the temperatures of the moon. It uses two drills as the mechanisms to dig up the regolith into loose pieces, and after that, an escalator will pick up the lunar regolith, dumping it into a container inside of a base/pod. The Slab will be on a diet of renewable solar energy. The Slab is coded to dig in a rectangular spiral motion until the container is full. When full, the hexapod will start running at 3-4 mph until it reaches the Moon Base. This process is repeated for a long time.