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The Nickola I rover utilizes an Aluminum 2219 frame, zinc-coated aluminum wheels, a wire mesh shell, titanium springs, and cleats to increase traction, mobility, and stability. Our scoop has a retractable lid to contain our lunar soil sample and rotates at 180° at four points to help maneuver challenging angles. using a two tiered box system, our first box includes an automated sealed hatch door to safely disperse and protect our sample from other atmospheric gases. Removing the dust, the soil proceeds through a particle filtration system and into a second box that contains a reusable nylon bag. The Nickola I is equipped with an autonomous navigation system and several zinc coated rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. Each battery contains eight 43-amp-hour cells in series, with a 28-volt battery weighing 59 pounds. Both batteries will work independently and located in the same structure. The Nickola I recharges using a radioisotope thermoelectric generator.