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Bubbluna is made from aluminum (with rubber tires) to handle the moon’s extreme temperatures. To dig and excavate on the move it has shovels and holes. Using centripetal force, the dust flows into the center of the wheels, then gets vacuumed into the body (a hatch is used for disposal). The holes are retractable from the inside with a button and the shovels double as traction to dig into the surface. Bubbluna is symmetrical, keeping the center of mass in the middle of the wheelbase. The less dust collected, the faster it will move and vice versa. To protect from dust, it is covered in the special moon dust technology, Solar panels are used for the power system because the moon gets direct UV sunlight. It is remote-controlled so it can always be watched for reliability. Bubbluna will be collapsible at the tire arm to fit size requirements as well.