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Regolith Rover “Reggie” designed with focus on maximum simplicity, durability, cost-effectiveness; function to collect large lunar soil volume with fewer trips—increase trip frequency raises risk profile; powered by three thin solar panels that can extend and fold along rover walls; underside of rover houses: independent electric wheel motors (allowing maximum maneuverability) and command and control system; harvesting arm anchored near the front of vehicle, jointed parts allow rotation and flexibility for maximal range of motion, folds into regolith container; wide-angle camera with sensor suite and communication dish placed on separate collapsable arms, located on opposite side to counterweight digging arm, important for low gravity environment; large flat thin batteries encased within rover shell rover exterior made of tungsten; nickel-titanium alloy mesh wheels, important for bumpy lunar surface; all joints/moving parts painted with steel shine nanocoating and NASA's HETC coating technology to minimize dust penetration.