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Prosperity is a lunar robot that uses vacuum suction to excavate regolith from the moon. It is made from carbon-based alloys to handle extreme temperatures. Prosperity has a drill/vacuum suction system. The vacuum has jagged edges to drill into the ground, using suction to bring regolith into a collapsible container within Prosperity. The wheels have a mesh cover over circular metal wheels. To keep the center of mass stable, the robot’s wheels extend and contract based on surroundings (i.e. crater). The vacuum and storage container are in the center. The excavating speed is rapid, but the speed between base and excavating locations depends on obstacles. Electrodynamic Dust Shields protect the robot, with HOMES repelling dust around the solar panels near the moving parts. Solar panels and long-term batteries are used to power Prosperity. The robot is autonomous, but sends signals out to humans for monitoring if it detects difficult terrain.