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J-Artemis collects lunar soil by drilling tubes on each side. It drills then sucks up the regolith with a vacuum like tube. The regolith is stored in the tube until both sides are filled up. Each individual tube holds a medium amount of regolith, but together they hold a large amount of it. it's wheels are built like a tank, but moves at a medium speed. J-Artemis uses solar panels as its source of power, but has a backup nuclear generator. Other features are: -Titanium body -360 camera view -self destruct option -traction on wheels -drill also acts as solar panel wipers -If it flips, the drill also can flip it back upright -drill can fold up to fit on body so it will fit the size limit -Tank wheels -Body based on Tesla Cyber-Truck -Bullet proof -The inside has an alarm in case there's an emergency