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The LunaBot is a very capable robot. Its features include wheels with large treads on them so it can cross multiple types of terrain, multi-layer filters to romove any and all lunar dust, 9 cameras, 2 LED lightbulb clusters, 2 robotic arms (one is like a drill, the other is like an excavator bucket), a bin in the back of the robot for transporting lunar soil (the bin can hold approximately 1100 grams of soil so many trips will be needed to complete the mission.) The bin can also move vertically and tilt to different angles to empty soil into a container for Artemis astronauts to collect. The power source of this robot will come from an M.M.R.T.G system. The M.M.R.T.G. system will power a single lithium-ion battery which will charge all electronics. The dimensions are 3.5ft (Length) x 2ft (Height) x 2ft (Width).