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Situation: Moondust is abrasive and must be contained. I intended to use shrouding around mechanical parts to prevent cloud dust and break-down problems. The static energy in the lunar dust is charged. This robot is controlled remotely. Auger Design Inside the cylinder, an adjustable auger removes moondust clouds efficiently while causing minimal abrasion to the equipment. The system is once again hidden by a cylinder. Pulls moondust from the mound's base, leveling the excavation zones and enhancing production. Material for the Chassis&Components Due to the low gravity, the material will be kevlar or fiberglass. Kevlar is incredibly sturdy and will not collect moondust like wood, steel, or carbon fiber. Dump/Storage: The storage tank is filled by a positive displacement auger, and LED sensors detect the level to optimum storage. Empty by spinning a half moon bottom 180 degrees and dumping moondust along a route. Kevlar is also used.